About Us

Daleth Energy (PTY)Ltd

Business Registration: 2015/130167/07

VAT registration: 445 027 9478

We are an online distribution store only. We get products shipped directly from manufacturers or importers warehousing to your door.

All products and information are listed on our website that is available along with our expert advice to assist you with making the correct choice to support your needs.

Please note, that we do not have a retail store that you can visit and view any products.


  • We are recognized and respected by the main manufacturers and importers in South Africa
  • We are a exacerbating growing company with 10000’s of satisfied clients
  • The leading solar advisories in South Africa, we care about each individual
  • Are ranking in South Africa for majority of search keywords based on credibility

Our vision:

We at Solar advice believe in a better world for all. Renewable energy is sure to be the revolutionary direction for the betterment of the world.

To ensure that this becomes more of a reality in the everyday persons life, we wish to play our part.

Education on renewable energy in South Africa lacks the commitment to the cause. We as Solar Advice have stepped up and filled a necessary gap to ensure the public have that which they require to make the right choice without the concern of skepticism. Honesty and integrity is the foundation of our presence in every way.

Our aim:

We wish to do the necessary ground research and negotiating on the public’s behalf to ensure a fair and neutral presentation of South Africa’s availability for the renewable energy industry. We will constantly strive to offer our countries people the best available solutions in the most convenient way.

What we do:

  • Source and negotiate pricing with SA’s renewable energy brands for best pricing
  • Source and negotiate with SA’s accredited installation companies for affordable quality installations
  • Online brand listing with supplier retail rates
  • Sales brokering for public needs
  • Research for public advisement
  • Solutions at the most affordable rates

What we promise:

  • Price match – best available retail rates
  • FREE advice to all inquiries
  • Neutral online product comparison (pricing and information)
  • Top quality service
  • 100% response within 24 hours or less
  • The use of accredited and approved installers